Starting a business can be very overwhelming.The bug of running my own business bit me when I was working as a domestic worker in somebody’s kitchen near George in the Southern Cape, South Africa.The wealth and opulence surrounded me during the day but the poverty still clinged  to my clothes.I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned…till I could not get it more clean.Finally a breakthrough came and I started working.I will never be a millionaire or rich as I always find someone or something to invest in.
Today I convinced a young man to start his own consultancy as he has a Honours degree BSc Majoring in Environmental Management.He served me in Capitec Bank and I found his approach quite professional.I asked what he was trained as and he answered softly…about what I mentioned above.
I complimented him on his achievements and could not resist telling him to come and see me after work.He hesitated and hastily asked what I will charge him.
Without blinking an eyelid..I answered, I will do your business plan for free and will allow you to consult your professional service for a few months until you can open your own office.
This young man smiled and just shook his head.I managed to get his contact details and will not give up on him.
Too many people let go of their dreams because they get stuck with comfort that really don’t even give them any security.
I will always remember how many times I failed in business but I will always enjoy the feeling of content.
Not all of us are born to lead but we all have leadership qualities within us.

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